Your regular Irish naturist guy

I’m your regular Irish naturist guy, I suppose.

I  grew up feeling the appeal of nakedness on the beach as a natural urge to be close to nature and body freedom. I knew naturism existed as an organised movement in other countries from magazines such as H&E, but in Ireland being naked seemed to be associated with pornography, so I never talked about it to my friends nor sought out like-minded people in Ireland. When I had enough money to go holidaying abroad I looked for naturist beaches which confirmed my intuitions that naturism is a healthy lifestyle and beneficial for personal self-development.

Acting on my need to feel free with no clothes in the water and on the beach brought me closer to myself, gave me more inner balance and contentment and increased my overall self-confidence. At that time I was just happy to be on my own and cherish my naturist holidays. It was later on that I started to feel it was a shame that I was experiencing it only when abroad. I was terrified to be exposed in Ireland as a pervert, or that I would lose my reputation as a nice guy; I had the feeling most people would find it eccentric, to say the least, or just utterly wrong.

But in the last years I had started to hear more Irish accents on foreign nudist beaches, so I couldn’t be the only one in Ireland with a love of naturism. Undertaking some research on the web I found Sallymount beach. I loved it there, although it seemed it was for loners apparently.

For professional reasons I moved abroad for some years around that time. I came back to Ireland a decade later; internet and social media were starting to take off by then. To my surprise and delight I found that naturist activities seemed to be flourishing. When I had left Dublin ten years earlier, I had heard of a swimming pool that might offer a nudist session from time to time, but now there seemed to be some event or get-together happening on a very regular basis!! My enthusiasm rekindled, I finally realised it was time to join a naturist group, to engage in social activities with other naturists, to normalise what I always found normal.

I am so happy naturism is now a part of my Irish life, a natural development here too.

I want to thank the volunteers of the Irish Naturist Association for their fantastic job creating this safe environment and providing a huge amount of naturist opportunities where I can feel totally at ease with myself and others in naked harmony.

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