Why did I wait so long

He kept asking, just once, try it once and if you don’t like it I’ll never ask again. 

So off we set for Cahir, Co. Tipperary.  Nerves were high! 

It took us 1 hour and 40 minutes to get there, it felt like a week!

We drove into the car park and suddenly it was real and it was time.  I saw lots of men, not many women and 1 couple, who looked a good bit older than us. 

“I can’t, please can we go home”.  So we turned around and drove home, 1 hour 40 minutes and they flew.  He wasn’t angry, he completely understood.

Fast forward to 2 months later and there we were back on the same road again and 1 hour 40 minutes later I’m sitting in the car park again wondering will I or won’t I. 

“Okay” I said, “let’s go”.  So we went in, there were about 20 people, young, old and everything in between.  More men than women, but there were a few.

“Welcome, how are you, have you been before, isn’t the water warm?”  

Why didn’t I do this before, the freedom, the feeling of being naked in the water, in the steam room in the sauna. 

Natural, free and truly wonderful.

Lots of friends made, lots of events attended, naked gardening, naked walks, naked gallery viewings, life is good.

The INA – why did I wait so long.

8 thoughts on “Why did I wait so long

  1. Duncan Heenan says:

    Such a common story! People don’t like naturism because they’ve never tried it. This seems especially so for women. It’s great to hear of one who tried it and liked it.
    But what a pity such a long drive is involved. We need more naturist events & venues so people can do it when and where they like.

    • Thomas Graham says:

      Hi Duncan I agree with you I would like to enjoy naturism locally too.
      I discovered naturism shortly after my 5oth birthday I also wish I had known about it when I was younger.
      I live here in the North East near Drogheda would love to meet other naturists locally obviously within current guidelines for discussion exchange views etc anyone reading this please get in touch.

      • Brian Cosgrove says:

        Hi Graham i live in Dundalk just joined yesterday !st Mar but waiting on all the paper work to finalise everything i was a member many years ago but i have been a naturist 14 years only on hols going to Dubrovnik for the past 15 years lovely places there it would be good to chat Brian

  2. Brian Cosgrove says:

    HI Graham just read you comments i re joined again after being away for some years i only re joined !st Mar and waiting on all the relevant paper work as i live in Dundalk not that far from you but i have been in Dubrovnik over 30 times so i am a committed naturist will be in Ireland now that i have joined up again so it would be nice to chat when all things get back to the new normal oh i am 73 years young widower

  3. Thomas Graham says:

    Hi Brian,
    Sincere apologies for long overdue response. Would love to chat on phone I’m also on WhatsApp until it’s safe to meet up.

  4. Brian Cosgrove says:

    HI Thomas thanks for reply looking forward to meeting everybody is there anywhere more local that i can meet fellow naturists at beaches forest walks etc Brian

    • Thomas Graham says:

      I have heard that some naturists have done walks in Ravensdale also naturist walks have taken place at Baltray. It’s a matter of getting an area where you can enjoy naturism without being seen by too many non naturists. I know a gentleman who went nude swimming on Laytown back beach and someone saw him and reported him to the local radio station. The area where he was swimming is quite secluded so there was no intention to offend anyone I know that he just wouldn’t be the type to do so. I have walked naked through Bush area alone and it was a beautiful experience the fragrance of the flora and fauna combined with the sea air was amazing I only met someone once and they passed no remarks.

  5. Brian Cosgrove says:

    Ravensdale is beautiful i did a lot of horse riding in Ravensdale forest and hope to do so again but i would be afraid i would meet someone as when lockdown eases it will become more popular with walking groups hill walkers etc but keep in touch Brian

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