SENSORIALS, by An Taiscéalaí Nochtach

The anticipation.
The drive.
The scenery.

Park the car.
Pack the bag.
Start the walk.

Anticipation grows.
Stomach tingles.
Steps quicken.

Arrive at the beach.
Rapid strip.
Senses increase.

Wind caresses the skin.
Sun warms the bones.
Sand between the toes.

Earthing begins
The sky is blue.
The sun is out.

The walk to the water.
Wade in.
Breathing quickens.

Dive under.
System shock.
Skin tingles.

Every hair stands up.
Every sinew screams out.
You feel alive like at no other time.

Swim slowly.
Enjoy the moment.
Feast for the senses.

The liberation.
The elation.
Your essence is free.
Nothing else comss close.

Slowly swim back.
Brisk walk.
Air dry.

Warm coffee.
Tasty snack.
Enjoy the view.

Reluctantly dress.
Slowly walk away.
Wistfully looking back.
Yearn for the next time.

Slán go foill.

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