Prison Cove

Prison Cove: 51.5507395, -9.0976209

Prison Cove or Reenogrena bay near Glandore in Co. Cork has been used by naturists in West Cork for a number of years.

This is a very Stoney beach but also very secluded place to swim and relax. One would need to use googlemaps as the roads are narrow and the closer you get to the beach the worse the condition gets but well worth the effort as the scenery is beautiful.

There is a small space by the beach where around four cars can
park. The beach is stoney and slopes out to the bay. However, it is well
sheltered and is good to sun bath. Not big enough for a proper beach walk
but is a relaxing location.

At low tide there is a lot of seaweed but this seems to heat up the water.

The access road is narrow and there are a number of turns to take before you reach the bay so beware of local traffic.
The beach is secluded but there are a number of houses about half a
kilometre. It is known as a naturist location but be mindful should a family
turn up.

Glandore is about 4 kilometres away where there are a number of
excellent bars serving food.

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