Pamela Fraser, British-Irish Naturist Ambassador

Pamela Fraser in conversation with Irish Naturist Association on her work as an advocate for naturism

Pam, can you tell us about your first contact with naturism? When did it all start for you?

I found out about naturism when I visited Mark Walsh at his office, Mark is the Event Organiser for British Naturism (BN). I saw one of the BN magazines and a brochure for an upcoming event. I decided in that second that I wanted to be a part of this and jumped at the opportunity to attend the 2017 Alton Towers weekend.

What does naturism mean for you? What is the appeal of it?

Naturism has made me more aware of how we should treat ourselves and others. We should be so proud of our bodies in all of the stages of our life. I love the freedom, positivity and empowerment that comes from being nude. It enforces loving your body and its imperfections.

Can you explain a little bit about your naturist work? What does it entail?

I’m very lucky to get to be a part of the BN Events Team. Helping to plan and manage the events is one of the most rewarding things. Seeing the community come together and celebrate is probably the best part of the job.
I’ve also been part of the YBN (Young British Naturism) leadership team for just over a year, and work on the promotional side of the organisation which has included radio/tv interviews and exhibitions, not only in the UK but also on Irish tv, such as the Elaine Show on TV3 (28 April 2020) or the Jennifer Zamparelli program on RTE 2FM (11 June 2020), to name the most recent ones.

To sum it up, what are the benefits of naturism?

Naturism has become a massive part of my life, I tell everyone about the lifestyle, community and the benefits it can bring mentally and physically. Many people struggle with body confidence and low self-esteem. Naturism helps us to move past looks, shape and size, to value ourselves and others on personality and character.

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