Dia duit as Ceanada!

Irish Naturist Association has experienced a surge in membership since the beginning of the pandemic. I’m one of those new members, even though I don’t live in Ireland. Many new members were trying naturism for the first time. I’ve been casually participating for more than 10 years. (You might say I’m a long-time newbie, as contradictory as that may sound.)

So why join a naturist association on the other side of an ocean? (For the record, it’s more than 5000 kilometres from where I am in Canada to
Since so many in-person events were cancelled, life online took off. That’s not just true for work. It’s meant a huge increase in virtual naturist events. Already a member of the Federation of Canadian Naturists, I looked around on the web for events and groups to connect with. I joined British Naturism. I even found some groups on Facebook, where a sighting of a female nipple will get you banned, but there’s some great discussion happening.

And I found Irish Naturist Association. It was one of the international talks that brought me in. It was about naturism in Canada. Several more talks were held, focusing on other parts of the world. What a great way to find out about the naturist movement in other places!
I decided to join up – to help support the organisation, to connect with people, to feel part of the community. And we must not downplay the efficacy of Leticia as an ambassador, advocate and active participant in the naturist community! She is very persuasive, and when she asked for help with research and planning for some of those Zoom events, I was happy to say yes!

I’ve learned a lot about naturism in Ireland. Residents are fortunate that naturism is legally possible anywhere in the country as long as you’re not intending to cause offence. It was great to learn that this right is exercised in many places around the country (and that there are lots of places to visit on the island post-pandemic), such as:

– the wide, long sandy beach at Corballis, where there was even naked Qigong on the beach in 2020;
– the steep steps down to the concrete platform at Hawk Cliff, which despite its lack of sand offers impressive views of the coastline;
– the long pebbled beach of Sallymount, with its long tradition of naturist use;
– the even longer sandy beach and the friendly seals at Curracloe;
– Caliso Bay, where the water may be slightly warmer, but the currents are strong;
Inch Strand in County Kerry, which is considerably longer than 2.54 centimetres, where surfers, anglers and swimmers converge;
– the rocky beach at Barna and the secluded sandy cove of the canine-oriented (?) Puppy’s Cove in the west, on the coast of County Galway;
– the beautiful sands and crashing Atlantic waves at Trawalua in County Sligo;

-and, last but not least, White Rock near Hawk Cliff, where the sandy beach
has been a popular naturist locale for decades.

I commend Irish naturists for the stamina and fortitude you have to be nude together outside in rather cool air temperatures and cold water temperatures! (You see, while Canada is known to be a cold country, not all of us handle the cold well. I’m definitely a fair-weather naturist. We get hot summers, and that’s when I like to be nude.)
The Friday night online pub has also been fun. I’m not always able to go (it’s still mid-afternoon where I am when the pub starts and I’m not often free at that time) but when I have attended, I’ve been able to have some very friendly chats with folks.

Tá áthas orm a bheith anseo. Thanks for being so welcoming.

Be nude. Be healthy. Be safe.

Dave Zigzag

One thought on “Overseas

  1. Colin Tierney says:

    Hi Dave, Welcome to the INA and Ireland. We have a very proud tradition of naturism in Ireland despite the fact that we are often a damp, wet and cold island. But we are a tough people and have always enjoyed our clothes free existence. Once upon a time we even fought one another and this was done in the nude some thousand + years ago. Many other civilisations, i.e. the Greeks etc. did likewise, so we were not unique in this form of battle dress. However we prefer to work, rest and play nude, at least a lot of us do and this seem to be a growing number. The internet has worked wonders for naturism/nudism with, as you mentioned, great online events. But there is nothing like the personal, face to face intimacy of our social indoor and outdoor events. I look forward to the time when we again have our walking, swimming and many other events. And these days are coming soon!!!

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