Nude Puppy’s Cove

Puppy’s Cove, by An Taiscéalaí Nochtach

For our next outing, we decided to visit South Connemara.

So we decided to head to the beautiful, picturesque village of Roundstone. I had read articles on how stunning the beaches were in Roundstone but nothing prepared is for the amazing experience. It is a natural haven.

Taking the road west of Roundstone for about 2 miles until down on the left you see the sign for Gurteen Bay and beyond that the infamous Dogs Bay. Two large back to back beaches with soft golden sand and aqua blue water. But most intriguing of all from a naturist point of view, walk over the headland from Digs Bay is a small sanding cove wedged in the middle of the headland (and get hidden) from the main beaches.

Here you can enjoy an amazing naked experience, sunbathing and swimming in a stunning and remote location. As I understand it, other naturist explorers have found and written about Puppy’s Cove before but believe me nothing prepares you for its beauty.

Just bring a towel, sunscreen, and a bite of food and a bottle of water and you have all the ingredients for a perfect naturist day out.

Connemara, here we come.

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