Northern Delights

How to spend a week-end free of family obligations?

Easy answer for me = exploring naturism in far-away counties!

24 July 2021 – Donegal

I wanted to put a face to an often-named-and-heard-but-never-seen forest and beach in Donegal.  Although I had read several reports about it by field owner and visitors, I was pleased to see that reading and visual experiences can be fully different scenarios and prior comments about it didn’t diminish the surprise of the discovery.

Sunshine, blue sky, mild breeze and high summer temperatures – all the elements played their part in delighting us with a fantastic naturist environment. Carnagarve Forest appeared to us as a neatly man-made set of paths through wildness. Oak, ash, beech, sycamore and wild cherry trees along with wild raspberry bushes and brambles surrounded us while we were following the instructions of our game master, the creator of a naturist crossword specifically designed for us. A taste of Sicily awaited us with a caponata snack. Liam not only pampered us in his property, but he also guided us into his hidden crown jewel, an amazing sandy shallow beach not far from there (GPS 55.221301, -6.936923).

I was thrilled thinking of Donegal and Derry naturists. Little by little they would be able to build a tight naturist local community around that picture-like perfect beach, I said to myself.

I left Donegal feeling elated by the possibilities of development, also in awe of the magnificent Inishowen views.

25 July 2021 – Monaghan

Driving towards Monaghan I was not exactly expecting that the double naturist taster could be upgraded in that nearby county; however, a  triple surprise awaited me. Firstly, our member Ed showed us a secluded field surrounded by trees, a vast surface that he was putting at our disposal for any picnics we might want to organise. I found it a superb idea since the location is fairly close to our collaborating swimming pool in Monaghan. We decided we would cater for that option in future swim sessions, and why not begin already at the next possible opportunity – 29 August.

After that spontaneous survey we tackled naturist hiking in the Eshbrow bog. We successfully handled all our textile encounters, leaving locals greatly amused at our naked commitment. A milestone for me constituted the arrival into the most extraordinarily beautiful mountain lake that immediately embraced our child-like swim enjoyment. Had it not been for the imminency of the next event, I would have stayed in the lake for a few more hours.

An hour later we were already swimming again in only slightly warmer waters. Monaghan Leisure Centre is arguably the favourite indoor aquatic facilities for Irish naturists. Slide, jacuzzi, big and small pool can never fail to entertain us in covid times, whilst sauna and steam room quietly hope for our future custom.

Members coming together, forging friendships, exchanging impressions and recommendations, united by the common deep belief in the immense benefits of social nudity…

That weekend holds now the sweet record of my highest number of diverse naturist experiences in the shortest time. It will be impossible to top it up in some weeks, when I will be heading towards Cavan and Sligo, but I will be inspired by the northern delights and equally thrilled with anticipation of the western glees…

Spoiler alert = All welcome to partake in the Naturist Adventures in Co. Sligo (Western Glees)

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