Naturist Beginnings

My naturist story begins, like a lot of people, in university. I was living in a single room in a halls of residence. The halls were greatly overheated in general and very warm and because of how I had been reared, I always wore my good old PJs in the way I had been brought up.

Then late one night, this girl that I knew started knocking at my door. I got up and opened my door and quickly jumped back into bed before she came into my room. She was a bit drunk but explained to me that she was waiting on a friend who was also supposed to be in the building but hadn’t arrived yet.

So she said she wanted to wait for her friend and started chatting to me in a quite flirty way. After a while she came over to my bed and pulled back the bed clothes and said ‘hmmmm cute PJs but I don’t wear anything in bed because it is so warm.’ We chatted some more and then she left to find her friend. I went back to sleep but next day I could t stop thinking about the fact that she made perfect sense. The halls of residence were overheated so it made sense to sleep naked. So I tried it and loved it and I have continued sleeping naked ever since then.

However, I still wouldn’t consider myself truly a naturist until several years later when on holiday in the south west of France. I was on holiday with my wife and one day while my wife sunbathed on the main beach in the town, I drove back to our apartment to make us some lunch and on the way back to the main beach, I went for a walk to a nearby local beach called Truc Vert near a camp site. As I walked near the beach, I started to strain my eyes because it looked like all the people on this beach were not wearing any swimming gear. Wow. I had heard about nude beaches in France before but never come across one. So I went down and joined them for about 10 mins and enjoyed some nude sunbathing for the first time ever. It felt so liberating and was so nice to feel the sun and wind all over. truc vert

I told my wife of my find and spent the rest of the day trying to persuade her to go to the nude beach the next day. To my surprise, she did. We both lay out sunbathing naked and enjoyed swimming nude for the first time. Coming out of the sea and not dressing and let the sun dry you off seemed so common sense and I wondered why we insisted on wearing wet swimming gear. It’s no wonder, we often get a cold from a day at the beach if we wear wet swimming gear and let it dry into our skin.

We spent the rest of the holiday going to this nude beach and joining hundreds of other nudists from many countries in enjoying the simple naked life in France.

And for the next few years, we enjoyed official and unofficial nude beaches on holiday in Europe.

This is how many people first naturist experiences start out and I believe there are many secret naturists in Ireland who will be much more inclined to strip off on our many beautiful beaches once the law in Ireland is changed to no longer make it a public order offence to be naked.

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