Naturism/Nudism in the South, y’all !

We are an Irish couple living in the South of the U.S. for many years and here’s our thoughts about Naturism/Nudism here:

Naturism/Nudism in the South, y’all!

We live in a very conservative part of the United States, in fact right in the buckle of the Bible Belt. The attitudes and beliefs that go along with that can be mind boggling and not anywhere near acceptance of social nudity. However, there is a culture of naturism here for at least 50 years! Being land locked and an 8 hour drive from the Eastern or Southern coast, any nude beach options are not a thing without making a visit a whole vacation.  So here we are confined to visiting nudist parks.

Let’s explore naturist vs nudist for a minute. Americans tend to call themselves ‘Nudists’ rather than ‘Naturists’ as their preference is to be nude in a social setting without embracing , what I would call as an Euro, a sense of oneness with the Planet and practicing a life of ‘ light footprint’ . In other words, being naked socially is just about acceptance and does not infer any commitment to unlavish living! But maybe there is room for those folks.

We (my wife and I) more tend to enjoy being naked in private or socially as a part of a ‘save the planet’ living. So anyway, the chances for a nudist event outside of private property do not exist, no tolerance for that here.

But back to what we have! Within an hour’s drive we have a great Family Nudist Park which has about 30 permanent residents who live in small houses built on the property. You can visit for a day for about $30 per couple. Single men are permitted too. There is a nice pool, volleyball courts, a clean hot tub, a breakfast/ lunch counter and a walking trail around the 40 acre property and it’s owned by a lovely welcoming woman! The rules are the usual in such a venue: no phones (‘cos of cameras, but also great ‘cos no-one staring at them around the pool), no unwanted behavior and best of all nude only! Some of the other venues within our driving distance for a day visit are ‘clothing optional’.

I have struggled with this idea and my wife agrees she would not be ok with being naked among a mix of textile vs nudes. In my opinion  having nude folks and clothed folks in a pay-in venue is setting up a deal where the actual nudists will be made feel like exhibitionists and the textiles feel like voyeurs (or actual voyeurs actually). Nope.

Then their is MN, FCO meetings, usually in someone’s house. That’s Males Nude, Females Clothes Optional. Only in America.  At least that’s what I thought until it was explained to me (and I agree) that such a set up, which is usually a pot-luck dinner, allows non practicing partners to see that their partners obsession is not something lewd! In fact many wives (‘cos it’s usually husbands who are nudists first) will decide to get naked and enjoy their new freedom. So in that scenario it’s a good thing.

American naturism/nudism, it’s complicated !

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