Naked Yoga Dublin – a testimonial

The yoga studio is in a square in a small industrial estate off a busy main road. The classes are on weekend afternoons when it is quiet & parking spaces are plentiful.

People meet outside. There are 10 to 15 per a class; usually a mix of regular attendees who have known each other for years & new people.

There are two hatha yoga classes, each an hour long.
Every level of experience is catered for by fully qualified, fully insured & experienced professional teachers.

When everyone is inside, the door is locked & the blinds are drawn on the windows.
The studio is lit low for ambience & the music is selected by the teacher but it is always appropriate.
Everyone has enough space for themselves & mats are arranged in a semi-circle facing the teacher.
Nobody is in front or behind anybody else.

Expect some chat & banter before & after the classes.
I find being physically free of restrictive clothing is practical; nothing is pinching, squeezing, climbing up or falling around.
I can be more mindful of the movements, turns & stretches of my body which can be seen more clearly.
It helps me to appreciate & respect the abilities & power of my own body & to accept its imperfections & limitations.
I feel more open & freer to connect to the world & my primal self which makes it easier to feel grounded.
I feel unselfconsciously naked with the other people in the room.
My inhibitions are quietened.
We are placing our trust in each other to create a safe, positive, nurturing space where the body is destigmatized, disentangled from shame & not sexualized.
I feel everyone is accepted unconditionally in a spirit of mutual respect.
It is like any other yoga practice in that my focus is ultimately on my practice & my breathing.
It is exhilarating.
I think removing the barrier of clothing helps to enhance the mind, body & spirit connection inherent in the practice of yoga.

Sometimes there are drinks afterwards in a nearby dog-friendly pub.

I think it is also worth mentioning that we are lucky to have naturist yoga classes available to us in Dublin; not a lot places in the world have this as an option.

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