Naked Qigong on the beach

On Sunday 21 June 2020 Ireland was still under covid19-related local travel restrictions, so our annual summer solstice celebration had to be limited to a small group of local naturists.

Naked qigong on the beach was a new activity for Irish Naturist Association but it was entusiastically received by our members. With the lifting of public health restrictions, every Sunday has seen a steady increase in participation. Credit goes, no doubt, to our sensational teachers Nathalie and Noemí, thanks so much for your passion! Merci beaucoup, Nathalie! Muchas gracias, Noemí!

Now, after five consecutive Sundays offering qigong/yoga in Donabate and Killiney, we have decided to continue this weekly occurrence of free naked fitness for the rest of the summer in the Dublin area. We want to encourage anyone to give social nudity a try, to strive for harmony with nature, the search of inner balance while accepting and positively embracing our own body regardless of our physical features (I refuse to use the words “imperfections” or “limitations”, our body is just the way it is, no need to waste energy in bodyshaming ourselves).

But what is Qi Gong?
Qi Gong means “energy work” and is a 5000 year-old ancient practice. There are many types of Qi Gong and hundreds of different exercices. No matter the form of Qi Gong, they all have the purpose of giving you more energy, releasing tension and stress, strengthening the system, boosting the “operating system”, calming the mind and much more.

And why naked Qi Gong, in the own words of our teachers?

Being naked, open minded, without any judgement and accepting all of ourselves and others is very healing on many different levels. Clothes we are wearing on a daily basis cut the energy flows and create many blocages in our body that may lead to illnesses. Going back to nature is a human necessity and doing spiritual practices nude allows us to connect differently with Mother Earth and to feel deeper the essence, the energy of life.

Our teacher Nathalie also integrates other elements of fitness into her lessons. In the immensity of Donabate beach we will be able to practice some dance and nude movement as well, a real NudeActivity Mix of qigong, taichi, yoga, dance and workout.

Our next dates this summer 2020:
– Sunday 26 July – NudeActivity Mix on Donabate Beach with Nathalie @ noon  

Sunday 2 August – NudeActivity Mix on Donabate Beach with Nathalie @ 3.30pm  

– Sunday 9 August – NudeActivity Mix on Donabate Beach with Nathalie @ 3.30pm

Sunday 16 August – Naked Qigong on White Rock Beach with Nathalie @ 10am

Sunday 23 August – Naked Qigong on White Rock Beach with Nathalie @ 10am

Sunday 30 August – Naked Yoga on Donabate Beach with Noemí @ noon

We would love to see this summer in Dublin Irish naturists from all corners of the island. 

Be part of the naked movement, embrace Irish Naturism!!!

One thought on “Naked Qigong on the beach

  1. Philip Baker says:

    Today, May 19th, East Sussex Naturists start our 2021 season of naturist activities with Qi Gong in the flesh. We have been doing it online for some months now. It was a great way to meet up while we were locked down and actually do something rather than just chat and exercise while the weather was cold or wet. I sent the article from the Irish Times to our Qi Gong ‘leader’, Zelly, and she is keen to contact the Killiney naturist group. We don’t know of another group doing naked Qi Gong. When I tried to arrange it in Rye (East Sussex) before I was told that it is a clothed discipline and cannot be taught naked! We can’t imagine doing it clothed.
    Zelly writes occasional articles for our local online papers and would be interested to write something if you were interested to publish it on your website.

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