Naked by Nature in Cádiz, Huelva and Cantarriján

Last Thursday our International Talk series brought us to South Spain. We had the luxury of welcoming into our online space a number of naturists from sunny Andalucía.

Some of them were members of the Association of Friends of the Nudist Beach of Cantarriján, an amazing bunch of enthusiastic activists of naturism on what it is claimed to be Costa del Sol’s top nudist beach, Cantarriján in Granada with closest proximity to the border with Málaga. We fully understood their nudist verve when they showed us a video of their beloved Cantarriján: “Ven a desnudarte, ven a Cantarriján” – “Go naked, go to Cantarriján“.

On the other side of the Strait of Gibraltar, we were advised by the also supernice members of another association, DesnudosxNaturaleza (Naked by Nature) on the less well-known beaches of that Western part of Andalucía. Fine golden sands and breathtaking views along with well-preserved vegetation near the dunes make the coastline of Huelva and Cádiz quite unique and appealing for both national and international tourists.

The Spanish Naturist Federation shows on its website up to 12 nudist beaches in Cádiz, among which our friends were praising in particular the unique location of Bolonia Beach, known by its mud-baths and the picturesque Roman ruins in the vicinity, the 7km long unspoilt Faro de Trafalgar and Los Caños de Meca, a one-time hippy hang-out that still retains something of its former bohemian vein.

To this Costa de la Luz list we can add 3 more beaches in Huelva:

  • El Rompido, in the Natural Park of Marismas del Río Piedras and in front of the majestic views of the sandy formation called Flecha del Rompido;
  • Punta Umbría, a spectacular urban beach surrounded by junipers and pine forests belonging to the Natural Area of Marismas del Odiel, one of the most important ecological marshes of the Iberian Peninsula;
  • Cuesta Maneli, right in the middle of the National Park of Doñana

All along our virtual conference we were fully engrossed by the mouth-watering description of all these Andalusian treasures. We can’t wait now for the pandemic to end and go explore the south! Naked for Nature!!

DXN – Desnudos por Naturaleza

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