Naked and cocooned

Naked and Cocooned for the duration, naturally!

We are in the throes of a worldwide pandemic, the Coronavirus (Covid-19). As a result and in an effort to halt the spread of this disease our Government has requested that all of us, who do not belong to the ‘Front line’ staff in dealing with the virus, should stay at home and not leave unless for urgent and specified reasons such as essential shopping for groceries, medicines etc. All national and international sporting fixtures, meetings, business and travel has come to a standstill. Even our INA swim sessions, beach activities, nude yoga and meditation sessions have all had to be cancelled for the foreseeable future.

With all this inactivity and the fact that the weather is so cold at the moment we cannot even go outside to enjoy the sunshine. Some as a result are suffering from withdrawal symptoms and are at a loss for some nude recreation or outlet.

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Well, all is not lost. Being in the ‘at risk’ category myself, I am over 70 and with one of the specified medical conditions, I have been in isolation for weeks now and cocooned for the past two weeks. And no I have not as yet reached the boredom stage. I think it has been great!! I have no visitors, except for family members dropping off food that they leave at the front door and ring the doorbell. As a result I have not needed to get dressed for well over a month now. I wake in the morning, hop out of bed, shower, get to the kitchen and have breakfast all without the need for clothes. I get to my computer and start up the engine. Download the e-mails and get them answered. Go to Facebook and see who is making contact and reply to as many messages as I feel need a response. Turn on Skype so that friends can see I am on air and buzz me for a nude chat if they feel like doing so. And there are always a few to chat with in the USA, Australia and the UK. 

After lunch on Wednesday I am buzzed at 2.00 p.m. by British Naturism as I am booked into ‘Naked Kitchen – bake along and chat’ with Pam Fraser. Great fun! On Friday, same thing, at 2.00 p.m. I am scheduled to join with Georgia from Bristol for an hour of Online Naked Yoga. I must admit that I am not very good at the yoga and I cannot get to all the stretches and moves but I do enjoy the exercise. But we could organise these events on-line ourselves for members only. BN use a conferencing technology called Zoom which is easy to use and participants have to be booked in and then invited. It is therefore safe and secure. To the yoga and cooking mentioned I am sure that there are many other nude sessions that could be facilitated on-line such as meditation, seminars and brainstorming sessions or just plain discussion and chat groups. So why not let’s try out some of these ideas. This would fulfil our longing for our loss of social interaction to a great extent. I am always free to interact should anyone wish to make the contact.

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After all that exercise I turn to a little light exercise of a different type in the back garden. It may be a little cool out there but it’s not too bad and one gets used to it after a while, especially if the sun decides to come out from behind the clouds for a spell. I also use the back garden to have an hours walk. Some might find that boring but with some nice soothing music piped to my ears I do not find the time passing. Then it is time to put some of Pam’s recipes on the table and have my dinner. All natural ingredients and cooked au-naturel, of course.

Being cocooned and not being able to leave my house, as you see, is not all that bad. There is always something to be done. Over the course of the next few weeks I plan to paint the house, fix some bits and pieces and do small jobs that I have been putting off as I ‘thought’ I did not have the time to do them. I will paint my garden shed and renovate patio chairs and tables. You see never a dull moment – and the best thing about it is that everything can be done naked and without interruptions.

So why not get out and get naked. If you are a seasoned naturist it will be no problem to you. If you are not a naturist then now is the time to give it a go. After all naturism is the most natural thing in the world. We all come into the world that way. It is only as we grow older that it is [falsely] instilled into us that there is something wrong with being nude. These attitudes are primarily based on prejudice, fear, ignorance and indoctrination. Naturism in Ireland, just like most countries in Europe is perfectly legal. However as a courtesy to our textile neighbours we only disrobe in places designated or commonly used for nude recreation. It is our intention never to make others uncomfortable. The female of the species is often very slow and shy about partaking in the naturist lifestyle feeling that she will be ogled at or treated in a sexual way. This could not be further from the truth. We males do our utmost to protect and ensure our womenfolk and to make them as comfortable as possible. Naturism is completely non-sexual it is just another form of ‘dress’. In fact a naked woman is not sexy as one in a skimpy bikini. That is not to say she does not look nice just not as provocative from a sexual point of view! Ladies and gentlemen you will never have a more perfect time to try it out and I promise you will not regret the decision. And when this cocooning is over perhaps we will have some lovely butterflies in our Irish Naturist Association.

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  1. Colm says:

    Excellent article Colin. Not having to get dressed for over a month….. I am seriously impressed! That must be an all time record for an Irish naturist! Despite having spent many holidays in naturists resorts in warmer climates I have never come even close to achieving that .

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