There are no officially designated naturist beaches or sites in Ireland. There was a fundamental change in the law on public nudity following the enactment of the Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Act 2017, which replaced the old 1935 law on public indecency. The new law, which is similar to the law on public nudity in England and Wales, states that for an offence to be committed the person exposing him/herself must intend to cause fear, distress or alarm to another person.

Being naked in itself is not illegal under this law. This law, in effect, enables the provision of official public naturist facilities at suitable beaches and bathing areas and that erecting signs such as “Beyond this point you may encounter nude bathers” will ensure that non naturist members of the public will not suffer fear, distress or alarm. There is one semi-officially recognised naturist area in Ireland, Hawk Cliff in Co. Dublin, as listed below. In 2017 Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Council agreed to erect official signs there advising the public that nude bathers may be encountered but they did not follow through on their agreement.

Here are details of some other beaches and bathing places where naturism is tolerated. Apart from those listed, there are many more secluded beaches where you could have the beach to yourself all day.

Some of the beaches and bathing places are recommended with reservations. Please be very careful if you go swimming at any of the locations listed.   Please heed any warnings given and do not swim alone! Some of the places listed are remote and may have currents or rip tides which are not immediately visible.  

Please study the Water Safety tips listed here before using any these locations.

Please use discretion and common sense in using any of the beaches and bathing places listed below. Naturism is not as accepted in Ireland as it is in many other European countries. The Irish Naturist Association accepts no responsibility if you encounter problems. 



Just outside Dublin lies a haven of naturist locations, easily accessible from Dublin’s transport links. Choose from secluded beaches and bathing places on the eastern sea board of Ireland.

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Munster is Ireland’s southern province and is an ideal choice for a naturist vacation at any time of the year. Some of Ireland’s best beaches, and naturist secrets, await you in the South. Have a look here at our most viewed youtube video, which features Inch Strand.

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The Wild Atlantic Way and the stunning scenery of Ireland’s west coast only goes to further compliment these naturist locations. Take a walk in nature’s wild side on the Atlantic seaboard. You can also read some reviews of the beaches in our blog.

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Ulster & northern Ireland

Ulster is the northernmost province of Ireland. Six of the nine counties of Ulster form Northern Ireland, which is part of the UK. Only one of the three Ulster counties in the Republic of Ireland has a coastline – County Donegal. It has many wonderful secluded beaches. We will be expanding our list of beaches in Donegal which are suitable for naturism. 

British Naturism (BN) is the national representative body for naturism in the UK, including Northern Ireland, and works in close co-operation with the INA to promote naturism on the island of Ireland. BN has compiled an extensive list of naturist facilities and locations in Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom. You can check out their excellent website for further information.


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