Lion in cage

Naturist restlessness… I experienced it first in autumn 2015, after an incredible summer full of highs and firsts for me, the year I discovered Irish naturism…

Having dabbled in naturism in Spain and France I thought I was ready for the Irish Sea despite its legendary bone-chilling temperatures and I searched for the famous nudist section of Brittas Bay. I experienced my first World Naturist Day there in June 2015, I made friends and gradually found myself attending all the meetups I could summon on the East Coast. I was in love with Irish beaches, could barely believe the temperature was not a problem for me, in fact it seemed that I had developed a quite resilient skin through our brisk beach strolls. October came and I began to panic, I would still drive to the beaches in Wexford, Wicklow and Dublin, but was aware of the season ending. I remember the frenzy and anxiety to absorb it all, couldn’t get enough and was more than happy or desperate enough to survive through the winter months with windy, foggy, frosty and freezing challenges whilst concocting further outdoor plans for the future. 

Looking down now into Dublin Bay from my Covid-19-confined abode I am reappraising in my mind the meaning of restlessness. The March newsletter contained 12 different activities from which we could only enjoy 5, having to cancel the rest. Frustration, pity, emptiness, sadness… not just the big concerns for the terrifying situation worldwide, but also this deep longing for outdoor naturism and indoor social nudity as well. I yearn for opportunities to interact with my friends in natural and naked harmony, and life is definitely uglier when there is nobody to share naturism with and when there is not even a frame time to make plans, little or big, for the near naturist future.

We keep in touch virtually, of course, but the social aspect of our events is essential to explain the naturist appeal. Our indoor pool sessions, our naked yoga classes, our beach meetups… they are all being hugely missed by everybody. One of our members is locked-down on board a ship, not being able to leave port nor going ashore. Fresh air, freedom and sunshine, he cites as his naturist compass. Let’s toast to it!

3 thoughts on “Lion in cage

  1. Colin McGrath says:

    Thanks for article. We are all feeling caged at the moment. But imagine how special it will be to experience naturism on Irish beaches again once this is over. We won’t be complaining about the weather or temperature again. Maybe we will appreciate even more what we have in this beautiful country. Stay safe and stay naked 🙂

    • Declan Kelly says:

      Great article. We are in Lockdown in our tiny apartment in Fuerteventura, active cases are dropping day by day but the Gov have extended the lockdown to 26th April. We cant wait to get back to our favourite beaches both here and in Wicklow. Stay Safe everyone.

  2. Colin Tierney says:

    Last February I was introduced to Zoom, I already had Skype installed. I find these two pieces of software absolutely fantastic as they do fulfil or make up for the social interaction presently missing. I am in contact daily with many friends around the world and whilst this is not quite the same as meeting outdoors at the beach or at our monthly swim sessions it does go at least a little way towards compensating. If anyone ever wants a chat I am on Skype at live:tierny.colin.

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