INA Beach Gathering, Curracloe, Sunday 8th May 2016

What glorious weather for our beach outing at Curracloe today! As predicted the temperatures were above 16 degrees Celsius. We began our outing in the sand dunes and made sure we were all protected with sun cream before heading south with seven people in our group. All seven people also participated in the outing at Hunting Brook Gardens yesterday to celebrate World Naked Gardening Day. Very shortly, our group was extended to eight people as we were joined by another local naturist who just happened to be following in our footprints.

In the distance we could see many people out walking along the beach so we discretely wandered in and out of the sand dunes and Raven Forest, stopping at times to take some photos. At one point we were greeted by some textiles who were very comfortable with seeing us enjoying the sunshine without any barriers.

As we came closer to the most southern point, we strolled onto the beach and continued walking south on the soft, fine sand, reminiscing over the hurling match that took place there last January (which made the national newspapers). It was soon time to sit and relax in the sun while we chatted and ate lunch. We met a frog but he declined to join us for lunch. After lunch we walked back to the car park via the pathway through the Raven Forest, full of pine trees and evergreens. We walked over 10km in total for today’s outing!

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One thought on “INA Beach Gathering, Curracloe, Sunday 8th May 2016

  1. Colin Tierny says:

    Looks like yet another great day for naturism at Curracloe yesterday. People [textiles] are very accepting of the sight of a nude body – it is just the politicians who, for some reason, are afraid of the ‘wrath’ of the populous that they seem unwilling to amend our laws and bring them up to date and in line with the rest of the world. Now that we have a new government we must keep the pressure on.

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