INA AGM in Drumshanbo a huge success!

There can be no doubt that the Irish Naturist Association’s 2015 Annual General Meeting, held over the weekend of May 27-29 2016, will long remain in the memories of those lucky enough to have attended.

‘Best AGM ever!’ was the common consensus from old hands who had attended past meetings. The reason? A combination of a great location, a strong attendance with lots of socialising, and, crucially, plenty of opportunities to strip off and embrace naturism.

That included a clothing optional AGM meeting itself, where, in the true spirit of the occasion, virtually everyone present shed their clothing. Which not only felt completely natural, but was quite the relief considering the rather stifling room temperature. Though as was observed, it did require a new approach on the old trick of how to address a presenter’s nerves by imaging the audience naked!

Returning to the venue which hosted the World Naturist Congress in 2014, the Lough Allen Resort and Spa in Drumshanbo, County Leitrim proved a big success. Over the three days which included a special INA dinner on the Saturday night, old acquaintances were renewed and new friendships formed.

The pool and spa area was reserved for naturist uses on four separate occasions over the weekend, and with over forty naturists in attendance, was unsurprisingly busy – even on the early morning sessions. The ideal recovery from the late nights!

Attendees at the AGM heard encouraging news from President Pat Gallagher concerning an update in legislation currently passing thought the Dáil, which in essence means that being naked in itself is not an offence provided there is no intention to distress or cause offence. Pat said that after many years of INA lobbying, he was hopeful that Ireland might be granted its first official naturist beach in the not too distant future.

There were also interesting presentations from Nick Caunt, International Officer for British Naturism about recent developments in the North-West of England, while Kevin O’Connor from BN Northern Ireland provided updates on the scene north of the Border.

The indefatigable events team of Leticia and Cormac provided an overview of activities undertaken, and the busy schedule planned for the months ahead. After years of relatively low-key activity, there has been a real surge in interest and enthusiasm thanks to the efforts of the intrepid duo, with many of the attendees expressing their gratitude for the range of opportunities now being presented.

Membership secretary Colm noted that although naturist organisations throughout the world have been seeing membership numbers fall, and that there had been a similar drop in INA numbers in the aftermath of the 2014 World Congress, he was encouraged to observe that the current year has seen an upturn in new and renewed memberships, something that is probably attributable directly or indirectly to the range of activities now being offered to Irish naturists.

Naturally the scenic areas of counties Leitrim and Roscommon were explored in a naturist context, as can be seen from the photos and videos on the INA Facebook page.

Such was the success of the weekend that INA members wondered if for future AGMs we could completely block-book a hotel for the weekend. Surely a challenge to work towards? Well done to all involved in the 2015 event!

Here a video of this memorable naturist weekend:

Cover pic INA AGM for video

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