An often-heard pro-naturist argument is that of genuinity. 

And why is it widely stated that naturism facilitates a more genuine communication? What is meant by that, and more importantly, how can we prove it, if not scientifically at least with a persuasive rationale based on personal experience?

Let’s pause to reflect. I consider myself an open-minded person but at the same time I am slightly aware of some bias related to physical appearance. I might have a different initial impression from someone depending on their clothing style: I am probably getting a more conservative or adventurous vibe from people in accordance with my own clothing assessment, which might be influenced again by the time of the day or day of the week, by the current weather or the location we are in. 

Is there such a thing as a blank page presence to the eye of the stranger? Don’t we always infer something from the information provided by the clothing? 
What would happen if we were to meet someone for the first time without any clothing? We wouldn’t have any hints of personal clothing style. If the person is a swimmer, not just a sunbather, then we would get not much info from the hairdo and we could safely assume the person would wear at least less jewelry than usual. Some permanent features might still be visible, like tattoos but we could just perceive it like the body history, same as scars, for example.

But why is this blank page element important?

Well, I love the social discovery experience, I enjoy getting to know someone from scratch, from a zero informative level. It’s fascinating, we are more or less free of prejudices in our natural state. 

Thanks to our beach gatherings or indoor swim sessions, we are given the chance to meet someone for the first time totally nude. And thanks to our common belief in body acceptance, we are unprejudiced towards newcomers, no matter how they look.

I feel that way all the time, I suspect it is the source of our good disposition, our friendly attitude by default. I have grown to appreciate more and more the astonishment of discovering common traits with people from other walks of life, the opportunity to cross paths with some strangers who would have never come to my life otherwise. I’m delighted at seizing the chance of making new unique acquaintances.

Each bonding feels genuine and sincere.

The more you give of yourself, the more you get back. Genuinity pays off. 

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