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17 March @ 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm GMT

An online talk on the History of Naturism (Nudism) in Ireland

About this Event

Did you know Irish Naturism as a movement commenced in 1963 with the creation of Irish Naturist Association? That naturist activists were receiving death threats in those early years? Or that Ballybunion in Co. Kerry nearly got its own nudist beach in the last century? And the 34th International Naturist Congress, a gathering of over 100 delegates from 30 different countries flying over from all the continents, was held in Drunshambo, Co. Leitrim? Last but not least… how it took more than 50 years for naturism in Ireland to become fully legal?!

Former INA President Pat Gallagher will elaborate on those and other particulars of Irish Naturism throughout the last decades on 17th March 2020.


Dress code = clothing optional (naked or not, as you wish)

Cameras on or off, as wished