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Coastal Bodies

8 April @ 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm IST

Artist Ciara Patricia Langan will explain about the Coastal Bodies Events in Ireland, promoting body positivity through art.

About this Event


The Coastal Bodies Events by artist Ciara Patricia Langan started in 2019 as a response to an awareness of a problem within Irish society on how we feel about our naked body.

The tour, still ongoing, aims to document all coastal counties of the Island of Ireland . These photographs will be populated by adults of all shapes and sizes, representing inclusions and showcasing the diversity of human form.

Coastal Bodies unites arts and holistic thinking and aims to provide an elegant and efficient remedy to those who would like to feel more positive about themselves.

Shedding the unwanted shame attached to nudity by shedding one’s clothing as participatory art in a controlled environment can liberate and amplify one’s own sense of freedom.

How we speak about our bodies and other people’s bodies affects our psychological landscape. When re-contextualized into a more positive affirmation, the ownership of one’s own skin and the forms we take can bolster our resilience and protect our mental health.

We live in a culture of body shaming. We have a product for every facet of perceived flaw. We are seduced into thinking these modifications will make us feel better. We are told to aim for this standard of beauty but in reality it degrades our sense of natural worth. Metaphorically speaking, we had masks on long before Covid-19.

To be free in one’s own body sometimes prompts a journey within.


Dress code = clothing optional (naked or not, as you wish)

Camera = on or off, face or full body, as you wish