Donegal nature connection spots

Solitude is good. To be at one with nature is also good. And I want to share with you three spots where I can embrace both.

The coastline of Donegal is peppered with small beaches, mostly sandy and not always known or accessible. I have found one such, which I have used as my twilight skinny-dipping spot for several years.

Private land also affords privacy from any prying eyes, over-ready to be offended. If the land owner is sympathetic and willing to turn a blind eye, a world of opportunity beckons the naturist. And so, my second favourite swimming location is a jetty where I have little more than a bobbing boat for company.

Away from water, there is something about a woodland area which invites the sensitive walker to shed clothing. This third spot is special: for I am the owner of that forest and I decree “clothing optional” in my domain, a range of broad leaf trees a quarter of a century old.

So these spots are the three places on earth where I can be “naked and unashamed”.

But there is a state of being which is on a par with solitude, and that is to share the experience with a few trusted, kindred spirits.

Now where might I find the like of these?

7 thoughts on “Donegal nature connection spots

    • Thomas Graham says:

      I feel the same I live near Drogheda I would love to meet up with others for naked walks I have been a naturist since 2014 shortly after my 55th birthday just wish I’d experienced it when I was younger like so many others. I there’s anyone in my area please get in touch.

  1. Mark Xavier says:

    I usually visit Sligo beaches to enjoy in Ireland, glad to see there are some popping up in Donegal. Hopefully an increase in textile free spaces / beaches in the future.

    Also would like to connect with like minded people.

  2. John Doe says:

    I am living in North Donegal and would like to get in touch with other like minded people from the Donegal area if someone could point me in the right direction. Thanks

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