Cork – naturist paradise on 16 June 2018

16th June is a special day in the naturist calender – Two extraordinary naturist related events will take place in Cork: the Cork Naked Bike Ride and the Spencer Tunick 10th year Anniversary photo shoot.


INA member Art Davey, who is part of both coordinating teams, kindly answered questions posed by the INA Event team:

1. Naked Bike Ride – how do I enrol?

Send an email to

2. How many expected?

150 to 200

3. Assembly area?

Cork city centre. Exact location to be advised by text on the day.

4. During body painting what does one do with one’s belongings?

Kept with you at an indoor location.

5. How long is the route?

Three miles on a mostly flat route starting and ending in or near the city centre.

6. How long does it take?

Including stops for traffic lights, about 1 hour and 45 minutes. The slow pace is necessary to facilitate people using skates, wheel chairs, etc.

7. Start /end location the same?


8. Is it legal?

Yes, so long as clothes are removed out of sight of the public. Being naked is legal so long as you do nothing designed to frighten or intimidate. We have clothed stewards riding ahead warning people who may be sensitive about nudity.

9. Any incidents at last bike ride?

None any year since we started in 2009.

10. Concerns regarding being photographed

The entire route is visible to the public. We cannot stop the public or the media taking photos. We advise riders who are nervous about this either to disguise themselves or to cover the bare essentials.


For the tenth anniversary of Spencer Tunick’s visit to Ireland a collective of artists is arranging a not-for-profit art installation involving one thousand people posing naked for a series of photos.

Called One Thousand Bodies, the installation will involve arranging the participants to stand and lie in carefully planned patterns.

11. Will Spencer be there?

No. The only connection is that it marks the ten year anniversary. However the artists who are leading the event are committed to creating something special from the installation, and to make it as safe and enjoyable for everyone as it was in 2008.

12. How do I enroll in the 1000 Bodies mass art nude photo installation?

Send an email to

13. Will it be at the same location as 10 years ago?

We are not revealing the location until the day of the event, and then only to participants by text. For people not familiar with Cork, a number of people will be met by guides who will show them to the exact location.

14. I’d like to try it but nervous. What can you say to put me more at ease?

You will probably be terrified for the first ten seconds, like most others. After that, it will be one of your best life experiences. You may even find it life changing.

15. Any other useful information?

There are two other Clothing Optional events in Cork that day! BodyPainting Cork has kindly arranged one of their events to coincide with the WNBR and 1000 Bodies. Participants who are attending the Bike Ride can get fully Body painted for a donation. Also there is a Clothing Optional after party for all three events in a popular city Centre lounge bar, starting at 6.00pm. Location is not being published.

For more information, follow the facebook group:

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