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Pamela Fraser, British-Irish Naturist Ambassador

Pamela Fraser in conversation with Irish Naturist Association on her work as an advocate for naturism Pam, can you tell us about your first contact with naturism? When did it all start for you? I found out about naturism when I visited Mark Walsh at his office, Mark is the Event Organiser for British Naturism […]

June, our Women-in-Naturism Month

If you are not new to naturism, you will be familiar with the gender imbalance that pervades the lifestyle. Women can’t seem to find their way into this naturalness as easily as our male counterparts do. British Naturism reports a 30% female representation amongst its membership, and that figure goes down to 22% in Ireland. […]

The woman behind “Women-in-Naturism”

Donna Price of British Naturism tells Irish Naturist Association about her role as Coordinator of the Women in Naturism Campaign I have never considered myself a ‘leader’ in any sense of the word. I have always been a great follower and supporter of causes or projects that interest me and that I feel passionate about. […]

Lion in cage

Naturist restlessness… I experienced it first in autumn 2015, after an incredible summer full of highs and firsts for me, the year I discovered Irish naturism… Having dabbled in naturism in Spain and France I thought I was ready for the Irish Sea despite its legendary bone-chilling temperatures and I searched for the famous nudist […]

Interview with the event coordinator of Irish Naturist Association

1) How long have you been volunteering as INA Event Coordinator? I joined INA in summer 2014, the day after I came back from my second nakation in France. I remember standing at Biarritz airport in bewilderment and annoyance, not wanting to accept that I would have to wait 12 months for my next taste […]

An interview with Karie, owner at BHH Naturist Villa Fuerteventura

Hi Karie! Tell us about yourself and your naturist origins. I am 52 and I’ve lived in Fuerteventura permanently for six years. Before this I lived in the UK and had a career in theatre which I enjoy immensely but was very stressful. I love the peace and tranquilty living in Fuerteventura and of course […]

Why wait till next year?

Summer is nearly over in Ireland by now and most of our Irish followers will have enjoyed a naturist holiday this summer. Some may be seasonal naturists: Irish people who only go naturist abroad for a vacation. Indeed, the weather plays an important role for naturism and with that sense of freedom and clothes-free lightness […]

How often do you get the chance to be naked in an Art Gallery ?? by Katie Rowland

Seeing the Naked Truth nude tour advertised I thought ‘how often do you get the chance to be naked in an art gallery”. Arriving at the Crawford 20 minutes early I meet Leticia. I knew she was with the nude group as I saw her Irish Naturist Association hat on. I introduced myself and she […]