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INA Crossword Challenge

How knowledgeable are you about naturism in Ireland? From that hotel in Tipperary where there have been nude pool sessions for around thirty years to the most official naturist spot in Ireland, there’s a rich tradition of naturism on the island. Here’s a fun way to test yourself. It’s the first ever INA Challenge crossword […]

Stop censoring our naturist/nudist community

A Change campaign directed at Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, by Héctor Martínez, President of the Mexican Nudist Federation and prolific creator of naturist content on social media Héctor’s YouTube channel containing hundreds of videos, 1,3 million subscribers and over 200 million views was removed today. He has initiated a Change petition asking for the […]

Women-in-Naturism Action in Ireland – June 2018

Women-in-Naturism Action in Ireland – June 2018   We hide our personalities behind our outfits but being naked allows you to be your real self. When you get dressed again you feel as though you’re putting on a disguise, to make yourself respectable for the rest of the world. Whenever you’re putting on a different […]

Be Naked Day in Ireland 2017… and tell a friend about it !

Having been a member of Irish Naturist Association (INA) and active naturist for almost four years, there have been many occasions where I wished that close friends and family could feel the same as me about naturism – the sense of freedom, relaxation, body-acceptance, benefits of vitamin D, self-esteem and the overwhelming feel-good factor that […]