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Naked by Nature in Cádiz, Huelva and Cantarriján

Last Thursday our International Talk series brought us to South Spain. We had the luxury of welcoming into our online space a number of naturists from sunny Andalucía. Some of them were members of the Association of Friends of the Nudist Beach of Cantarriján, an amazing bunch of enthusiastic activists of naturism on what it […]

The woman behind “Women-in-Naturism”

Donna Price of British Naturism tells Irish Naturist Association about her role as Coordinator of the Women in Naturism Campaign I have never considered myself a ‘leader’ in any sense of the word. I have always been a great follower and supporter of causes or projects that interest me and that I feel passionate about. […]

Naked Art meets Naked Audience in Dublin

Oscar Wilde — ‘Life imitates art far more than art imitates Life.’   For the first time in Ireland members of the public will have the opportunity to attend an exhibition of nude art photography in their birthday suit. This will be a unique pioneering occasion for Dublin, as only a handful of cities around […]

History of Naturism in Ireland: A summary

History of naturism in Ireland Ireland was traditionally a very conservative society where the influence and power of the Catholic Church was very strong. The attitude of the Church towards sexual morality was extremely rigid. Censorship was very strict and any display of nudity was illegal. In this atmosphere naturism was regarded as immoral and […]