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Thoughts on Naturism

by Pat Naturism and You: You don’t need to label yourself as a naturist or a nudist or any other term. You don’t need to be defined by what you like doing. Some people only like to be naked in specific contexts or for specific reasons. For others, nudity is always the preferred option. You […]

Western Glees

When I was fourteen our Latin teacher asked us to participate in the brand-new students literary journal. So far only a beautiful anonymous poem had been submitted and I found myself striving to produce some compelling narrative at the height of those deeply cryptic verses. It didn’t matter that my classmates were not interested in […]


An often-heard pro-naturist argument is that of genuinity.  And why is it widely stated that naturism facilitates a more genuine communication? What is meant by that, and more importantly, how can we prove it, if not scientifically at least with a persuasive rationale based on personal experience? Let’s pause to reflect. I consider myself an […]

Low-cost leisure

Elation. Euphoria. Amazement. I know very well those signs, I see them all the time in newcomers and also regular members of our association when they arrive into the beach. It seems to be something common to all of us. Is it that self-discovery element in beginners? Realizing you can go naked in public and feeling […]

Northern Delights

How to spend a week-end free of family obligations? Easy answer for me = exploring naturism in far-away counties! 24 July 2021 – Donegal I wanted to put a face to an often-named-and-heard-but-never-seen forest and beach in Donegal.  Although I had read several reports about it by field owner and visitors, I was pleased to […]


On February 19 we held a special virtual pub session for members of Irish Naturist Association with online streaming of the Irish documentary NAKED, followed by a questions & answers session with director Edward Kennedy and life model Izabella Linuza. The film shows the work of artist Róisín Cunningham in conversation with life models Kate […]

Réalt the Seal – Our mascot in shared oceans

Seals are part of a group of mammals known as pinnipeds which translates as “winged footed”. They are called this as they have paddled shaped rear flippers to help move them along in the water along with undulating movements. Almost weightless in the water due to their body composition, they swim with great speed and […]

Depression, lockdown and naturism

Depression, lockdown and naturism. Though no official figures are available yet, it seems from comments by multiple mental health professionals and GPs that the cumulative effect of fear of the Coronavirus and the loneliness of lockdown have sent rates of anxiety and depression soaring in Ireland. It is not difficult to see why. The limitations […]


THE BEST IRISH NATURIST BITS OF THE PANDEMIC YEAR 2020 was a year of novelties, opportunities and change for Irish Naturism. We started January with record numbers: We sold nearly 150 free tickets to attend our info evening on naturist Spain at the Spanish Cultural Institute in the heart of Dublin. The Tourism attaché from the Spanish […]