As Nature Intended – an insight into naturism by a female first timer


Naturism, nudism…it seemed the same to me. I couldn’t tell you the difference between the two concepts. I never thought of it beyond stereotypes: something done by “eccentric” people, somehow related to exhibitionism, and mostly done by men.

However, some time ago a friend told me about naturism, how she became a member of Irish Naturist Association and how much she enjoyed naturist outings and being in contact with nature, as nature intended.  She also told me how popular naturism is in some Central European countries, how naturism is practiced by families plus the benefits for children as they learn to appreciate and accept their own bodies and other people’s bodies, apart from sexual connotations, in a respectful environment. Talking to her inspired a genuine curiosity in me and I felt that I should try, at least try.

However, I always told her that my preference would be to experience naturism in a warmer location than Ireland. I am quite a shivery/chilly person, and the idea of going nude in Ireland was inconceivable for me. I have never worn sandals or shorts in Ireland and I’m always fully wrapped up.  Of course, I have never dipped my feet in the Irish Sea, despite the insistence of my children. I have always been a little envious of people swimming throughout the whole year in places such as Seapoint or the Forty Foot.

A few days ago, my friend invited me to join a naturist group of people to go to the beach. As this was likely to be the last sunny and warm day of the year, I did not want to miss this opportunity. So finally, I postponed my commitments and decided to join, ready for my first nudist experience.

How did I feel before going? It may seem weird, but I was more worried about the cold weather than about going nude. However, I was reassured by my friend that it would be ok if I remained clothed so my worries disappeared.

There we were, enjoying a magnificent sunny morning near the end of September. We parked the car and I was introduced to the people as they arrived.  Then, we walked towards the beach but as there were some non nudist people already there, the group decided to go to a nearby beach which was more secluded.

After a brief stroll through the bushes, we arrived at a wonderful Wicklow beach.  As people started to undress, I followed suit. Although I had never done it before, it felt both natural and a little strange to me. I recalled how I used to go to the beach or the swimming pool in the past and not have the confidence to wear a bikini and would always wear a full swimsuit instead.

Surprisingly, I didn’t feel nervous or embarrassed as I realised that no one is looking at you, just as you are not looking at them. The beach was really beautiful, soft sand and calm waters with the added bonus of incredibly warm and sunny weather. It was the perfect day for my first nudist experience.

I was so enraptured by the whole experience that I caught myself in surprise with the sudden realisation that I was walking nude along the beach, with the sun rays warming my whole body as I chatted to a complete stranger who happened to be a male and nude also.  And the best of it, it was quite natural and enjoyable. I was enjoying nature as I had not done so for a long time, in a nice and relaxed atmosphere, talking with affable people as we walked along a marvellous Irish beach.

I headed for a swim, a really short one. I was doing something I have never dared to do before, and I felt really good about it and what a refreshing swim it was. Overall, I had a feeling of getting back to nature, as nature intended, and I really enjoyed being there. I was in harmony and communion with nature and I had the impression that I belonged there. At some point, I experienced a feeling of being related to people that in ancient times were living much closer to nature as we do live now, and I realised how much I had been missing out.

Time to go back to normal life arrived too soon for me and it was kind of hard to accept. It was strange, but I wanted to remain there, and at the same time I was feeling sorry for my children, not only my children but most people, probably stuck indoors not being able to enjoy what I just experienced.

Back home, a very especial feeling of well-being accompanied me for the rest of the day. In the afternoon, after collecting my children from school, I played with them in the park, running with an energy that they were surprised to find in me. I was feeling really energetic and optimistic, and willing to share my experience with other people.

I don’t know if it was the effect of being nude, the cold Irish Sea waters, the sunny day, the beautiful Wicklow beach, the friendly people or altogether. But it does not matter! It was a wonderful experience that I highly recommend to everyone and that I am looking forward to repeating.

I am very grateful to my friend and to all the friendly people of Irish Naturist Association that allowed me to have this very enjoyable first nudist experience. I will not miss the next meet up!

3 thoughts on “As Nature Intended – an insight into naturism by a female first timer

  1. 70fury3 says:

    I love your outlook on naturim. I feel the same way and enjoy it as much as i possibly can. The cold winters out here in Canada don’t allow for much of the lifestyle in the winter, but always looking forward to summer.

  2. Colin from Ireland says:

    Great article. Very honest and confirms the great joy and relief that naturism brings. Hope you enjoy many more such experiences.

  3. B Brown says:

    I Totally get it as well!


    My Comprehension Of What I Experience While Being Naked.
    Caribbean holiday discovery of self.

    It has been my experience that when I am naked ,day ,night, inside, outside whatever, my heart seems to light up . I then notice all of my intentions and expectations contain a lot of goodness. Talking with others becomes some what very spiritually enriching during this time, not in a religious way but a feeling of gratitude, compassion and empathy for others whether their naked or not.
    Hard, maybe im possible to imagine if all the people of earth spent as much time naked as the climate would allow, how would all the world and its people be different?

    B Brown.

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