Another One Off My Naturist Bucket List

An Trá Mhór, on the eastern side of Inis Mór


Another One Off My Naturist Bucket-list – Unintentionally

For most of my life, I had failed to set foot on any of the Aran Islands, that famous triplet of rocky islands of the west coast of Ireland. I have literally been to the other side of planet (Australia, so you know) but never visited a group of island that I could see from native Kerry on a clear day. But finally, early this year of 2022, I finally made it my business to tick this box off of my personal bucket-list.
I had decided to visit Inis Mór, the biggest of the Aran Islands, on a Bank Holiday Weekend in May. Knowing that accommodation would be at a premium on the islands, especially at the start of the tourist season, I settled on camping just on the edge of Cill Rónáin village on a camping ground called Aran Island Camping and Glamping.
I then spent the next two days walking and cycling the length and breadth of Inis Mór, exploring as much of the sights that this island on the edge of Europe had to offer. Naturism was at the back of my mind the whole time. Until I reached Inishmore Aerodrome on Sunday evening, my last evening on the island before I returned home on Monday. Upon arriving at the airstrip, I noticed a stretch of empty beach behind it from the road. And there was nobody else around that evening.
So I thought to myself, why not?
Continuing down the road to the east of the island, past the screaming calls of the endangered Lapwing, I reached the end of the road and cross the sand dunes. It was one this trek through the dunes that I came across this site of eratic boulders on bare limestone, a scene reminiscent from somewhere in Death Valley. Perhaps, it could be a potential future location for a Coastal Bodies Shoot? Who knows?

Eratic Boulders in the Sand Dunes


Moving on, I finally reached the beach. I stripped off, went for my first swim of the 2022, and coming out again, I walked the abandoned beach to dry off my nude skin. I reluctant returned back to my clothed life soon after. But I’m glad to have ticked off this venture off of my Naturist Bucket-list, even if I hadn’t planned to do it in the first place. It just goes to show that opportunities for naturism can present themselves when you least expect it.

Ag Siúl i mo chraiceann ar An Trá Mhór, Inis Mór


Blue route, across the Sand Dunes. Orange Line, the area which I practiced naturism.

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    • brian cosgrove says:

      Hi thats great to find another possible place/beach to venture and explore i live on the east coast but always wanted to go west and explore so thank you

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