An interview with Karie, owner at BHH Naturist Villa Fuerteventura

Hi Karie! Tell us about yourself and your naturist origins.

I am 52 and I’ve lived in Fuerteventura permanently for six years. Before this I lived in the UK and had a career in theatre which I enjoy immensely but was very stressful. I love the peace and tranquilty living in Fuerteventura and of course the year round beautiful climate of endless sunshine.

When did you buy your property in Fuerteventura (Canary Islands, Spain)? Was it already used as a naturist villa?

My property in Fuerteventura was purchased 18 years ago and I visited as many times per year as I could before moving over permanently. It was always my dream to settle in Fuerteventura from the first day I visited the island. I decided to host naturist holidays this year because of my passion for being au natural.

Why did you choose to settle down in Fuerteventura, why not somewhere else?

Fuerteventura is the least commercial island compared to Lanzarote, Tenerife and Gran Canaria. It is nicknamed the Hawaii of the Canary Islands and I can appreciate why when you see how many beautiful beaches there are with turquoise waters.

Do you get many Irish guests? Other nationalities?

My guests are all nationalities and Irish guests always enjoy the frequent flights to Fuerteventura from several airports in Ireland. I have made naturist friends recently from Norway, Spain, Germany, France and Britain who stayed at my villa.

Which naturist beaches can you recommend in Fuerteventura?

Fuerteventura has officially the best climate in Europe and the most naturist beaches of any Canary Island. I can walk to Costa Calma beach from my villa. But I also enjoy the naturist beaches of Sotovento, Jandia, Esquinzo and Mal Nombre, all in the South of the Island.

Do you think naturism is on the rise? What would you tell women in particular about the appeal of naturism?
Naturism appears to be more usual by Europeans in my opinion. But with membership of organisations like the Irish Naturist Association I can only assume it will continue to rise in popularity. The freedom and non judgment it affords is what appeals to me. After all, we are all the same without clothes. And the chance to change attitudes in a positive way about body shapes and the confidence gained by shedding textiles. 
Women in Naturism
Personally I think women are outnumbered by men who prefer to be naturist. I would like to encourage women to try the experience and witness the freedom of swimming in the pool and the ocean without clothes. It can be a very liberating experience and improve body confidence. And no white lines when showing of the tan after the holidays too! Plus many other benefits.

Do you get mixed couples (naturists accompanied by non-naturist partners)?
My villa is clothing optional and my guests include mixed couples, solo travellers and groups of naturists from clubs.  I have often witnessed ladies from a couple being reticent to be fully naturist, perhaps topless at the start of their holidays but when it’s time to leave they’ve embraced being nude. My villa is small and totally private so it is a very safe environment to acclimatise before heading to the naturist beaches nearby. There are 3 apartments so guests can rent a single apartment or the entire villa for maximum 20 people.




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