No regrets

Hello, I am a 30 year old naturist from Dublin! I have been a naturist for about three years now.
My first experience stripping off was on a Greek beach with my then girlfriend. This wasn’t planned but a walk down the beach led us to naturists enjoying the sun. We thought “why not try it”; it was a strange experience at first but the feeling of swimming in the sea in our birthday suits was a satisfying experience. So much so, that we were back there the next day doing the same thing. The others naturists around were showing interest but then clapped, they must have known we were newbies. It was amazing how naturally comfortable it was.
My second experience was in the South of France @ Cap D’Adge. A naturist village, the idea intrigued me. It was a complete shock how many naturists there were. Thousands, happy enjoying the sun (some too much). Why didn’t I visit here sooner. The place is very well maintained and supported by a massive community. Most friendly and chatty. It can be expensive though.
It was here in a sauna that I learned about the INA (Irish Naturist Association). After checking the site I decided I would give it a try. I didn’t think there was anywhere like it in Ireland. I admit I was a bit nervous on the first day but felt comfortable when met the group. I have joined in January and have been going since. The INA management were really supportive and welcoming, answering any questions I had and giving me a nice introduction to the INA.
Most people would associate being nude around others as being sexual but it is not at all, just a great opportunity to socialise in a relaxed environment. It is a real shame that Ireland has no dedicated naturist areas where naturists can enjoy naturism without worry. Why are we so behind the rest of Europe/world in adapting to modern culture? As a country we need to change our attitude towards naturism. The Irish media is disgraceful when it comes to reporting on naturism, they are completely misinformed and fuel the alarmist negative views that keep Ireland this way.
Thankfully the INA are there to promote this way of life and drive change. No regrets 🙂

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