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Celebrating 50 years of naturism in Ireland: 1963 - 2013

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Ireland will be hosting the 34th International Naturist Congress in September 2014. For this occasion, we are selling INA branded t-shirts, check out our shop.
In order to help us organise this event and promote naturism in Ireland, a donation would be greatly appreciated...


The "IN" Magazine

The Irish Naturist (IN) is a (roughly) quarterly e-zine distributed by the INA to its members.

Content is variable, with members' letters, articles, beach information, addresses of Naturist holiday organisations etc. You get the drift - similar to many another naturist association's magazine.

The editor of the magazine would love to hear from people with articles relevant to the naturist lifestyle (whatever that is) and nude recreation in general, with a view to inclusion in future issues.

Photos, jokes, cartoons, poems etc. will be received gratefully. Full credit will be given to the original authors.

Unfortunately, such recognition is all we can provide by way of reward. The INA cannot pay for such articles - as a small association, all our work is purely voluntary and unpaid, and your contributions can only be treated similarly!

For full contact information, please go to our contact page.

Below is an excerpt from a recent issue of Irish Naturist magazine, if doesn't load properly, you can see it here:

For news and discussion log on to Irelands Naturist Forum, a naturist e-group open to everyone.

New Swim Arrangements

We have secured a new venue in Dublin for a monthly swim, which will take place every first Saturday of the month. This venue has a swimming-pool along with sauna and steam-room.
Further details can be found in our News & Events section.

Please email us to get more details about this.

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Irish Naturist Beaches

On sale from Lifestyle Press since publication on World Naturist Day 2005, a book called "Bare Britain" is an excellent complimentary book to "Bare Beaches", by the same team. The authors took the time and effort to include a section on naturist beaches in Ireland. This excellent 200 page full-colour book will become a must-have for naturists in these islands.

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Pat Gallgher on RTÉ

On 11 July 2013 our president (Pat Gallagher) was interviewed by Derek Mooney on RTÉ. Click on the link below to be redirected to the RTÉ Radio Player.

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