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Frequently Asked Questions


Naturist Etiquette

Here are some tips for anyone who is new to naturism:


  • The First Rule of naturism is Do Not Offend. We are more vulnerable when we are naked so don't do anything to make other naturists feel uncomfortable.
  • Keep eye contact. Don't stare and don't "check out" the bodies of other naturists - see the First Rule above.
  • Respect other people's personal space.
  • Always have a towel to sit on and this includes while you are using the sauna.
  • Taking photos of other naturists, unless you have the specific permission of everyone who might be in the photos, is absolutely forbidden.


Frequently Asked Questions About Naturism

Here are a few commonly asked questions and their answers. Please feel free to contact us with any other questions that you may have.

Q: Swimming in the nude - doesn't it feel odd?
A: On the contrary - it feels great. There is no suit to (possibly) chafe, your whole body slips through the water, without any encumbraces other than those nature gave you when you were born. And, as an added bonus, when you get out, there's no wet/clammy suit to wander around/sit in - your skin dries much quicker than any swimsuit, and is more comfy.

Q: Naturism - isn't it all about SEX?
A: NO.

Q: So why else do you take off all your clothes in the presence of others ?
A: Firstly, the presence of others has nothing to do with feeling comfortable without any clothing, and probably for the first few times it may only inhibit the enjoyment! Once you feel comfortable in the nude, then you will probably try to increase the number of times you can relax 'au naturel', and as we tend to like socialising it is only natural that we then look to mixing with others. That this can happen nude or otherwise is an added bonus.

Q: Ah, so you do want to be nude with others!
A: Sure - just as we like to be with others clothed.

Q: Um.... well isn't it a bit embarassing for men... how do they avoid becoming aroused/getting an erection with nude women around?
A:This is an extremely rare occurance. If you are unfortunate enough to have this happen to you. Just relax, lie face down for a bit, or if near the water, take a dip. Do what you can to cover up, as failure to do so would change your status from being an ordinary naturist, and into an altogether different category of individual. The main thing though, is just to relax, it'll probably never happen.

Q: I keep reading all these terms: CO/INA/INF/textile/nudist/naturist/etc. - what do they all mean?
A: A brief, but non-exhaustive list of terms:

  • CO: Clothing Optional
  • INA: Irish Naturist Association
  • INF: International Naturist Federation
  • Nudist: One who likes to relax without having to wear clothes
  • Naturist: See 'nudist'. Often extended to include more 'eco-conscious' items.
  • Textile: non-nudist person who e.g. on a beach prefers to wear bathing costumes. Also used to refer to areas of beaches which are non-nudist.
  • ???? Contact us with your own questions... Details on our contact page.

Q: Isn't it irresponsible to be sunning nude? Cancer/sunburn etc?
A: The area of skin covered by a bathing suit doesn't really make much difference to the above problems - the same precautions have to be taken nude or in a costume. That said, high sun-protections is ALWAYS advisable when exposing parts of your body which do not usually 'see the sun' for the first few times - just as you should anyway.

Q: I'm not a perfect '10' figure (male/female) - don't you have to have a perfect body to go stripping off before others?
A: No. The same reasoning doesn't seem to apply on 'textile' beaches - what difference does nudity make here?

Q: Do I have to be a member of a club/organisation?
A: No - you should feel free (within the limits of the law - see elsewhere) to be nude as and when you wish.

Q: So why join the INA?
A: To show your support for our aims, which include pushing for the acceptance of nude recreation in Ireland, which in the long-run benefit both Irish and foreign nudists.

Q: Your question could be here...
A: ...... and then we'll try to answer it!

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